S1: 7: Tracey Cheated Death...Twice

Tracey Bolton was winning at life. She had the job of her dreams and was living overseas with her husband. Then, within the space of a single year she would find herself fighting for her life, not once, but twice.

Season 1

I Lived Through This tells the stories of ordinary people who survived unimaginable situations. Every second week we hear a different unbelievable story told by the survivor and narrated by podcaster, Nicole Engelbrecht.

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The stories told on I Lived Through This are told by those who experienced them, in good faith. The views expressed by the survivors in this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of me, the podcast, or any sponsor of the show. Some of the stories on this podcast may include triggers for some listeners including descriptions of injuries, sexual violence, abuse, and other triggering topics. Please consider this when listening to this podcast.