What will Kenya's recent election mean for SA?

Last week one of the more influential countries in East Africa, Kenya went to the polls to choose a new president. And, not for the first time, the outcome sparked controversy as current vice-president William Ruto narrowly defeated long-time campaigner Raila Odinga.
Odinga, who lost the August 9 presidential elections by a tiny margin, rejected the outcome of the vote and vowed to take constitutional steps to challenge it.
Odinga, 77, who was making his fifth run at the presidency and secured 48.9% of the vote to deputy president William Ruto’s 50.5%, said the head of the electoral commission didn’t follow due process, rendering the results declared “null and void”. 
The dispute and delay in the swearing-in of the new president poses a risk to political stability in East Africa’s largest economy.
 In this episode of the Sunday Times Politics Weekly, we unpack the significance of the result and its implications for the region and the continent, we are joined by Sunday Times correspondent Carien du Plessis and Associate Professor of International Relations and Political Sciences at the University of Johannesburg David Monyae.