S1, Ep. 2: What is action research?

Action research has many definitions, but the ARA has been on a journey to co-define it for adaptation.

Host, Nora NIsi, is joined by Sunayana Sen to discuss the impact of DARAJA, a climate risk communication service that captures the essence of action research. They discuss how DARAJA has impacted communities in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, and how it places users, particularly those in vulnerable communities, at the center of the service.

Why does the ARA focus on action research as a key mechanism for effecting change? Bruce Currie-Alder chats to Nora about why action research is different, and how the ARA and its members are working to enhance equity and justice as communities navigate climate change.

Communities are at the heart of action research for adaptation, says Dr Sumetee Pahwa Gajjar, who joins Nora to discuss other action research projects. She touches on principles that the alliance says underpin the approach, and introduces global action research projects, in addition to DARAJA, that were reviewed in the ARA report: Good Practices for Adaptation Action Research.

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Good practices for adaptation action research: https://southsouthnorth.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/ARA-Evidence-Review_Good-practices-for-Adaptation-Action-Research.pdf
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