SouthSouthNorth Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA)

Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA)

The ARA is a global coalition committed to action for adaptation that strengthens resilience in communities most vulnerable to climate change. Our membership is made up of researchers, funders, policymakers, development bodies and community-based organisations that support a paradigm shift in the way adaptation solutions are generated. We endorse action-oriented research that is driven by user needs, co-produced with local experts, and equitable in practice. The ARA is an advocate, facilitator, and catalyst for action-oriented research, that delivers resources to those working on-the-ground for adaptation to climate change.
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2 Episodes

S1, Ep. 2: What is action research?

Action research has many definitions, but the ARA has been on a journey to co-define it for adaptation. Host, Nora NIsi, is joined by Sunayana Sen to discuss the impact of DARAJA, a climate risk communication service that captures the essence of action research. They discuss how DARAJA has impacted…
10 Aug 2022 29 min

S1, Ep. 1: Why we need an alliance for adaptation

There’s no denying this is ‘the decade for action’ for climate change. In today's interconnected world, climate change impacts cross borders and disrupt systems. The time is now to adapt to these impacts, and that’s where the Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA) comes in. In the first episode of the Action…
28 Apr 2022 29 min