#Kellman - I AM Chris Jordan

Quoted from CliffCentral
"He describes his journey in broadcasting as accidental, what does he mean by this? Find out as Chris Jordan tells his story"

Facts. I was in the cafeteria on Tuks Campus with my 2 best friends eating what students do - a red bull and meat pie. And saw that a table where you could sign up for interviews at Tuks FM. I was studying a BSc in Computer Science, and had absolutely no social skills or blazing personality - so of course, this was for me!

And that's where 22 years later (and still going), this real rollercoaster of following a dream I never knew I ever wanted, began.

Listen to this cool chat I was invited to on CliffCentral. to chat about the journey
17 Jul 2022 English South Africa Society & Culture · Personal Journals

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