Bikers, assault victim’s boyfriend have their say

The motorbike club fraternity in the Eastern Cape has distanced itself from an assault on a Gqeberha woman at the weekend — allegedly by bikers.

The assault, soon after an accident involving the woman and another biker, was caught on video and has since gone viral. 

In the disturbing video filmed with her cellphone, Zintle Msindwana can be heard sobbing while a heavyset man dressed in a leather jacket uses derogatory language as he approaches her vehicle.

Speaking in Afrikaans, he can be heard warning the woman to “take the f**king phone away”.

When she refuses, he says: “You want to die?”

The phone is seemingly knocked out of her hands and what follows sounds like someone being hit.
In Behind The Herald Headlines with Daron Mann this week, we speak to Msindwana’s boyfriend, Tandizulu Tati, who arrived on the scene shortly after the accident and updates us on her progress.

We also speak to two members of the motorbike “brotherhood”, Charl Johnson of the Eastern Cape Bikers’ Association and the Christian Motorcycle Association’s Pastor Ziggy.