Portfolio Committee on Transport, 10th May 2022

Portfolio Committee on Transport, (National Assembly), [Consideration and adoption of Committee report on the Revised Strategic Plan, 2022/23 Annual Performance Plan and 2022/23 Budget of the Department of Transport; Deliberations on the Economic Regulation of Transport Bill: feedback on matters of 22 March 2022 and presentation on the updated list of amendments; Deliberations on the National Road Traffic Amendment Bill: final consideration of updated list of amendments; Briefing by the Department of Transport on the Protocols relating to the Amendments to Articles 50(a) and 56 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, tabled in terms of Section 231(2) of the Constitution, 1996.; Consideration and adoption of draft report on the oversight visit to Mpumalanga, North-West Province and KwaZulu-Natal (tbc); Consideration and adoption of minutes of proceedings], Virtual Meeting Platform