#1  The Prelude Before The Story

In the first episode of Where RU Now? member of the 2022 second-year journalism class, Cassandra Scheepers introduces gives us a glimpse at what the School of Journalism and Media Studies have lined up for the 50th-anniversary celebration program, which they celebrate this year. Heads of the School and other staff members give us more insights on the importance of these celebrations, how the School evolved since its founding year in 1972, what the future holds, and what makes Rhodes JMS unique. We also hear from previous and current students about where they are now and what the School meant to them; and current students who reflect on what drew them to Rhodes JMS.
Season 1 / Episode 1 12 Apr 2022 English South Africa Personal Journals

Other recent episodes

Goal orientated

In this episode of Where RU Now? we hear stories of current second-year students who always had one goal: to study journalism. Although some do not necessarily want to be journalists, studying journalism is one way to become artists in their own right! In this episode, how their roads led…
Season 1 / Episode 17 16 min

The School of JMS: First year to graduation

In this episode, we hear from people in three different stages of a similar journey. First, the second-year students. Second, is the current graduating class. And lastly, someone who has already graduated from the school of Journalism and Media Studies. Past and present, we hear how the School of Journalism…
Season 1 / Episode 16 16 min

The Then and Now

In the second episode of Where RU Now? host, Nikita Baloyi, a member of the second-year podcasting class at Rhodes University, introduces us to three stories told by fellow class members Siya Hhlebani, Lance Myburgh and Mihle Mdashe and how they experienced Rhodes University as first years in 2021. This…
Season 1 / Episode 15 18 min