#019 How MCI makes investing personal | Kapil Joshi

In this episode, Ali Simpkins (Fund Specialist) talks to Kapil Joshi (Head of Momentum Collective Investments) about how we support, and partner with financial advisers to make investing personal.
31 Mar 2022 English South Africa Investing

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#021 Reimagine retirement | Elri Pienaar

In this episode, Levashni Naicker (Communications Specialist) talks to Elri Pienaar (Senior Product Specialist in the Product Solutions team at Momentum Investments) about how we have reimagined retirement income planning into a blended product solution that provides the flexibility of a living annuity and the certainty of a life annuity…
8 Jun 2022 19 min

#020 Innovation through research | Eugene Botha

In this episode, Levashni Naicker (Communications Specialist) talks to Eugene Botha (Deputy Chief Investment Officer of Momentum Investments) about his team’s new initiative called the Research Hive and the latest edition of Mindfields.
19 May 2022 10 min

#018 Sci-Fi report and investor behaviour | Paul Nixon

In this episode, Niel Joubert (communications manager of Momentum Investments) talks to Paul Nixon (Head: Behavioural Finance) about the Sci-Fi report, which gives an overview of investor behavioural patterns on the Momentum Wealth platform.
28 Mar 2022 17 min

#017 Five Things to look out for in 2022 | Sanisha Packirisamy

In this episode, Sanisha Packirisamy (economist with Momentum Investments) talks to host Lien Potgieter (Communications Specialist) about the 5 things that we should look out for in 2022, which could affect the global and local economy. Sanisha also shares the most surprising thing about 2021.
14 Dec 2021 11 min