The 1980- 1990 Familicide in South- Africa

During the 1980's and early 1990's, the phenomenon of family murder in South Africa was perceived as being on the increase. These murders received much attention by the media and a discrete group of social scientists.

A few publications were found on this phenomenon of this period, but they were largely in South African Afrikaans journals, university dissertation reports and conference proceedings. Theories that were developed on family murder were largely based on press reports, case studies and case series.

These studies initially postulated that family murder was a phenomenon experienced amongst the Afrikaans speaking "white" segment of the South African population. Family murders was linked to apartheid more precisely the notion of Afrikaaner domination, is grounded on their right to determine the lives of others.

Michael Benevolent and Amo Helang speak to guest(s) Alicia Ramdharee who revisits the day her father murdered himself, mother and two siblings and Keshnie Mathi, Wellness Counsellor and Family Law Mediator who offers an expert point of view.

Producer: Nokuthula Khwela
15 Feb 2022 English South Africa Technology · Music

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