Episode 5: The Tax Provision Process

CrossBorder Solutions' Senior Tax Manager Howard Telson is your guide through the entire tax provision calculation process, start to finish. An absolute must-listen for those seeking to produce an accurate and beneficial provision.
6 Jul 2021 English United States Management · Business

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Episode 17: Much Ado About Tax Footnotes

CrossBorder Solutions tax provision expert Howard Telson talks about how tax footnotes are used in the provision and the messages they can send to investors.
1 Dec 2021 36 min

Episode 15: Uncertain Tax Positions

If your company's tax position is uncertain, then it's a safe bet that your income tax provision calculations could be, too. But no need to panic. CrossBorder Solutions Tax Provision experts Howard Telson and Jinal Hira are here to discuss what makes a company's tax position a gray area and…
27 Oct 2021 45 min

Episode 14: U.S. Tax Proposals and the TCJA

Tax author Alex Parker, of Capitol Counsel, and CrossBorder Solutions' income tax provision expert Howard Telson discuss possible changes to foreign-earned income and what that could mean for U.S. corporations.
13 Oct 2021 44 min