CrossBorder Solutions The Fiona Show: Tax Provision

The Fiona Show: Tax Provision

The income tax provision is an estimate of what a company’s final tax bill for the year will be—and it’s an estimate that interests investors, analysts, bankers, even the media. It’s also a tricky calculation. How do you ensure a tax provision stands up to auditors? On CrossBorder Solutions’ The Fiona Show: Tax Provision podcast, you’ll hear from experienced experts on the finer points of calculating a provision and all of the tax and accounting practices that go into it.
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Episode 17: Much Ado About Tax Footnotes

CrossBorder Solutions tax provision expert Howard Telson talks about how tax footnotes are used in the provision and the messages they can send to investors.
1 Dec 2021 36 min

Episode 15: Uncertain Tax Positions

If your company's tax position is uncertain, then it's a safe bet that your income tax provision calculations could be, too. But no need to panic. CrossBorder Solutions Tax Provision experts Howard Telson and Jinal Hira are here to discuss what makes a company's tax position a gray area and…
27 Oct 2021 45 min

Episode 14: U.S. Tax Proposals and the TCJA

Tax author Alex Parker, of Capitol Counsel, and CrossBorder Solutions' income tax provision expert Howard Telson discuss possible changes to foreign-earned income and what that could mean for U.S. corporations.
13 Oct 2021 44 min

Episode 13: Build Back Better and the Corporate Income Tax Provision

Granted, the latest round of U.S. tax reform is still in the proposal stages, but if Congress passes new tax laws in 2021, it will have an immediate impact on companies' quarterly and annual financial statements. What could change? What adjustments will tax managers have to make as a result?…
29 Sep 2021 42 min

Episode 12: Return to Provision

Correcting any discrepancies between the estimated tax provision and the actual tax return is essential for businesses and serves as a litmus test for year-end calculations. CrossBorder Solutions tax provision expert Howard Telson explains the process and best practices for closing gaps.
23 Sep 2021 20 min

Episode 11: Valuation Allowance

On today’s episode, CrossBorder Solutions tax provision expert Howard Telson explains what companies do when they’re offered a tax benefit that they might never be able to use because they know they’re likely to keep operating at a loss.
7 Sep 2021 33 min

Episode 10: Annual vs. Quarterly Provision

On this week’s episode of The Fiona Show: Tax Provision, CrossBorder Solutions’ Senior Tax Manager Howard Telson breaks down the differences between preparing the quarterly provision (10-Q) and the annual provision (10-K)—and how each communicates to stakeholders about the financial health of a company.
10 Aug 2021 41 min

Episode 9: Rate Reconciliation

The ETR is the focal point of the provision calculation, and it’s crucial to reconcile this figure with the federal statutory rate. CrossBorder Solutions’ Senior Tax Manager Howard Telson explains the importance of the ETR and breaks down the finer points of the rate reconciliation.
3 Aug 2021 46 min

Episode 8: The Deferred Provision

Everything you need to know about deferred tax assets and liabilities, timing differences, and the role the deferred provision plays in the total tax provision. CrossBorder Solutions’ Senior Tax Manager Michael Cavanaugh shares everything you need to know about this essential component of the tax provision.
27 Jul 2021 27 min

Episode 7: The Current Provision

The entire tax provision is calculated on a time crunch, but perhaps the most pressing element of all is the current provision. CrossBorder Solutions’ Senior Tax Manager Michael Cavanaugh breaks down how to accurately calculate your current tax expense in the timeliest way.
20 Jul 2021 27 min

Episode 6: How Even the Most Profitable Companies Drive Down Their ETR

What are the largest and most profitable corporations’ doing to keep the tax burden down? CrossBorder Solutions’ Senior Tax Manager Howard Telson and Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy Senior Fellow Matthew Gardner pullback the curtain on the tactics that top companies use to drive down their ETRs.
13 Jul 2021 55 min

Episode 5: The Tax Provision Process

CrossBorder Solutions' Senior Tax Manager Howard Telson is your guide through the entire tax provision calculation process, start to finish. An absolute must-listen for those seeking to produce an accurate and beneficial provision.
6 Jul 2021 36 min

Episode 4: How the Pandemic Impacted the Income Tax Provision

COVID-19 may have had a major effect on how your tax provision is calculated. Join CrossBorder Solutions' Senior Tax Manager Howard Telson as he breaks down how exactly your provision may have been affected, and what you can do about it.
29 Jun 2021 38 min

Episode 3: Accountancy Rules vs Tax Rules for Provision

Reconciling the different figures derived from accountancy rules and tax rules is one of the key elements in calculating an accurate tax provision. Howard Telson, senior tax manager at CrossBorder Solutions, breaks down the differences and reveals how tax professionals can bridge them.
22 Jun 2021 36 min

Episode 2: How Biden's Tax Proposals Would Impact Your Provision

The Biden Administration's proposed tax plan may complicate your company's tax provision. On today's episode, CrossBorder Solutions Senior Tax Manager Howard Telson examines the proposal and advises practitioners on how to face potential challenges in calculating the provision if these proposals are passed.
15 Jun 2021 35 min