#17 NXIVM, A Modern Day Sex Cult: Part 1

This one made me so angry! This "Business group" managed to destroy so many lives! Targeting people who wanted a better life, and turning them into zombies that worshipped the ground that Keith Reniere Walked on. Listen to me talk about the basics of the NXIVM group, and what they offered to their members. Please give me a rating or review on Apple Podcasts, Reason or my website: https://linktr.ee/cupoftaboo. Please also make sure to listen to part 2 where I will go super in depth with what some members were put through and how they had enough of it and exposed everything! If you want to watch 2 amazing doccis, watch the Vow, and Seduced. And go read Sarah Edmonson's Book: Scarred.
8 Dec 2021 English Explicit South Africa True Crime · Society & Culture

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#28 I'm literally Obsessed with you_Stalkers

Hey, I got a new mic, yay me!! In this episode I talk about stalkers as requested by one of you! it is an absolutely terrifying topic and I would love to know if anyone has their own story to share? cupoftaboo@gmail.com https://cupoftaboo.com/
12 Mar 2023 46 min

#27 A.I mazing Technology or evil overlords

Episode 27!! Or should we just start fresh and say episode 1 for 2023?? This one is about AI which I know is not technically taboo, but it is controversial.. Also, my mic broke so I recorded this from my laptop directly, and I don't think its the worst thing…
16 Feb 2023 37 min

#26, Dr H.H Holmes - Murderer and Fraudster: Part 2

Finally finished the debacle that is Dr H.H Holmes and all of his wild crazy schemes. In this episode I discuss how Holmes was caught and all his victims (Supposedly). Let me know what you think?
29 Sep 2022 1 hr 05 min

#25 Dr H.H Holmes - Murderer and Fraudster: Part 1

I am back BayBeee! And this episode I am bringing you Dr HH Holmes and His murder castle! Considered one of America's first serial Killers, Holmes was not only a murderer but an extreme fraudster who would do whatever it took to get what he wanted, which was money and…
1 Sep 2022 44 min

Catch up life update featuring the cats

So I haven't disappeared! I am still here. This is just a quick update into whats been happening in my life and what I have been doing while I haven't been doing episodes! So sorry that I have been a bit AWOL but I will be back soon!! Also this…
19 Jun 2022 19 min