Episode 37: An International Overview of the R&D Tax Credit

CrossBorder Solutions Manager of R&D Tax Credit Lydia Clowney takes a closer look at how countries in Europe and Asia are changing their R&D tax incentives. Could it be time to apply?
23 Nov 2021 English United States Business · Government

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Episode 40: The Amortization of R&D Expenses

Beginning in 2022, businesses will have to amortize R&D expenses instead of being able to deduct them in the year in which they occurred. Today, we speak with Sharon Heck, the corporate vice president, finance and chief tax officer at Intel, to see how this new law will impact corporate…
16 Feb 2022 37 min

Episode 39: The New Guidance for Refundable R&D Tax Credit Claims

The IRS’s new guidance offers taxpayers additional compliance burdens—and it goes into effect on January 10, 2022. (That’s right—next week!) What does it mean for taxpayers? CrossBorder Solutions R&D tax credit expert Lydia Clowney spells it out right here.
6 Jan 2022 32 min

Episode 38: China's R&D Tax Incentives

What do China’s R&D incentives look like? And how is the country positioning itself to take the global innovation lead and leave the U.S. in the dust? Both good questions. And today, CrossBorder Solutions’ R&D experts Allen Tobin and Rahim Walji are here to answer them.
15 Dec 2021 37 min

Episode 36: The United States of Innovation

CrossBorder Solutions' Manager of R&D Tax Credit Lydia Clowney takes a closer look at R&D innovation zones in New Jersey and Nevada and explains the impact of these policies on R&D activities in the states they're designed to serve.
3 Nov 2021 20 min

Episode 35: R&D and Agile Business Strategies

The prospect of implementing agile processes in product development can be daunting. But depending on the industry, the benefits can make a world of difference for your business – not least of which can be a bountiful R&D tax credit. CrossBorder Solutions’ Lydia Clowney and Allen Tobin discuss the complications…
20 Oct 2021 30 min