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Only a small percentage of companies who qualify for the R&D tax credits actually apply. Why? Usually because they don’t know they qualify—or they don’t realize how much they can benefit. In The Fiona Show: R&D Tax Credits podcast, CrossBorder Solutions’ experts reveal the truth about R&D tax incentives all over the world. The first lesson? It’s always good to apply.

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Episode 31: The Bipartisan Nature of the R&D Tax Credit

Representatives from blue, red, and purple states can all agree on the value of one thing: Innovation. In this week’s episode of The Fiona Show: R&D Tax Credit, CrossBorder Solutions’ Manager of R&D Tax Credit Lydia Clowney explores why R&D specifically is an issue of political agreement.

Episode 30: The Challenges (Legal and Philosophical) of AI 

The growing use of Artificial Intelligence is creating new problems, along with solutions, for patent offices, auditors, and taxpayers alike. In this episode of The Fiona Show: R&D Tax Credit, CrossBorder Solutions’ experts Lydia Clowney and Allen Tobin explore this fascinating field at the intersection of technology and personhood.

Episode 29: Thinking Inside the (Patent) Box

Several countries around the world offer patent box regimes, additional R&D tax incentives offered on patented intangible assets. Why doesn’t the U.S. have one? Should it? Jack Kemp Foundation Senior Fellow Ike Brannon discusses this critical R&D topic with CrossBorder Solutions’ Manager of R&D Tax Credit Lydia Clowney.

Episode 26: R&D for the Food and Beverage Industry 

CrossBorder Solutions’ Manager of R&D Tax Credit Lydia Clowney explains how Section 41’s exclusion of projects related to “taste” does not refer to biological taste or flavor, a crucial distinction for recognizing the Food and Beverage Industry’s abundant R&D opportunities.

Episode 25: How R&D Credits Vary State by State

A refresher on the federal R&D tax credit followed by a tour of the various R&D incentives offered throughout the United States, with special guest UConn Professor of Law Richard D. Pomp and CrossBorder Solutions’ Director of R&D Tax Incentives Rahim Walji.

Episode 23: Will the US Fall Behind China in R&D?

China managed to increase its R&D spending by double-digit percentages two years in a row, and they're not slowing down any time soon. Is the US in danger of losing its top position in R&D investment? Rob Atkinson of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation joins CrossBorder Solutions Director of R&D Tax Incentives Rahim Walji to discuss how the US can stay ahead.

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