The future of AGMs – how to achieve a quorum every time

As the long-standing owner, trustee and chairperson of a self-managed complex, Poena le Roux designed MeetingPal in 2017 as a tool that complies with the Sectional Titles Schemes Management (STSM) Act which obligated bodies corporate to calculate votes in both number and value. No longer is there is need to have all the scheme’s members under one roof, but now these member can also vote securely and transparently on an resolution from anywhere in the world.

MeetingPal is smart and user-friendly app that provides support for managing any online meetings, such as community schemes, professional bodies, associations or trusts. It turns your phone into a voting device, allowing you to vote remotely from anywhere in the world, securely via your mobile device. For more info, visit

In this episode of Fitzanne’s Property Exchange, Pearl Scheltema chats to Poena about MeetingPal and the various benefits and features of this application.