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Fitzanne's Property Exchange, hosted Pearl Scheltema, keeps you captivated and intrigued as we provide you with the very latest news and insights to the South African residential property industry. Having conversations with property investors, industry experts, Sectional Title Scheme Executives and innovative stakeholders, we invite you to listen to their stories and make it your own.

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Female leadership in SA's property sector needs to be prioritised

We've made considerable progress in the last ten years, and women are increasingly being integrated into diverse professions across the property sector in South Africa. However, ensuring that women are represented in high levels within the sector remains a serious concern.

Although progress is sluggish, the wheels of gender equality and diversity in the property sector in South Africa are moving. Gender equality is a lifelong struggle. Women must continue to push boundaries without giving up, and large business must recognize the value of having female presence in the workplace.

In this episode of Fitzanne’s Property Exchange, Pearl Scheltema speaks with some of the most prominent women in the property industry to unpack this topic. Guests are Johlene Wasserman, Manager of Governance, Compliance & Enforcement at CSOS, Michelle Dickens, Managing Director, TPN and Johette Smuts, Head of Data Analytics of PayProp.

Electricity vs solar: How property owners can capitalize on renewable energy

South Africa's electricity supply has been inconsistent for more than a decade, with state company Eskom compelled to use load-shedding on and off to avoid overloading the grid. This has put enormous strain on the energy-dependent economy, as well as lowering household quality of life.

With no end in sight to the power outage, South Africans are turning to alternative energy sources, and solar is at the top of the list. When it comes to solar energy, consumers have two major options: hybrid or off-grid systems. In this episode of Fitzanne’s Property Exchange, Pearl Scheltema talks to Fedgroup CFO, Sheldon Friedericksen about how property owners can capitalize on renewable energy.

Empowering youth through property

The Youth In Property Association (YIPA) is focused on transforming the property sector by increasing the active participation of young people through its Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship initiatives.

In this podcast, Pearl Scheltema interviews Zahraa Parker, YIPA Vice-Chairperson to find out a bit more about what the organisation does, what its objectives are, and what some of the challenges are for the youth of South Africa in becoming more involved in the property sector.

What Scheme Executives should know about POPI

The Protection of Personal Information Act’s deadline for compliance is here and came into effect on 1 July 2021. This deadline brings forth significant changes to the administration of community schemes, particularly when dealing with member’s or other stakeholder’s Personal Information.

All scheme executives, in this case Trustees, have a statutory and common law fiduciary obligation to act in good faith, and with due diligence and care in the interests of their community scheme at all times. It is their duty to ensure that the information obtained from members is only used for the purpose for which it was given.

Pearl Scheltema interviews Dilen Heerschop, lawyer at Schuler Heerschop Pienaar Inc Attorneys, to find out everything Scheme Executives need to know about POPI.

Tax advice for property investors

Property ownership potentially exposes one to a spectrum of taxes such as income tax, capital gains tax (CGT), secondary tax on companies (STC), donations tax, estate duty, transfer duty or value added tax, stamp duties and municipal rates. Which taxes you have to pay, how much and when, depend on the manner in which you deal with your property and, to a large extent, on the way in which you structure your property holding. In this episode of Fitzanne’s Property Exchange, host and CEO of Fitzanne Estates, Pearl Scheltema, chats to Jerry Botha, Managing Partner of Tax Consulting South Africa, and Scott Picken, Founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate to find out more about the taxes property investors should be aware of.

Tags: #propertytax #propertyadvice #realestateadvice #realestatetips #propertytips #tax #sars #propertyinvestors

The South African Rental Industry

Description: March marks the grim anniversary for the first COVID-19 lockdown we embarked on a year ago. It’s fair to say that nothing has been quite the same since – including the real estate landscape. As with any industry, performance is driven by supply and demand. According to TPN this lies at the centre of the current rental market upset, with a clear case of oversupply versus muted demand. Understanding the economic and social landscape of the last year goes a long way in making sense of these low rates of demand.

Pearl Scheltema, CEO of Fitzanne Estates, chats to Michelle Dickens, MD of TPN, and together they weigh in on the coming months and what landlords can expect.

Budget 2021: What the property industry can expect

As we await the National Budget Speech later this month, many investors and roleplayers in the real estate industry are holding their breath to gauge the year ahead. A tumultuous 2020 left many feeling hesitant and we’re seeing a strong sense of cautious optimism as we head towards the new financial year.

At the core of many investors’ concern is the expected impact of continued lockdowns and costs involved with a vaccine rollout. Tax implications and affordability are front of mind, as there’s no telling when things will start to regain a semblance of normality. If the second half of 2020 is anything to go by, we can expect a continuing trend towards first time buyers entering the buyers’ market within the entry-level sector.

Pearl Scheltema, CEO of Fitzanne Estates, interviews Colin Strümpher, BetterBond Sales Manager: Western Cape. They discuss the possibility of an increase in the lending rate and offer advice to property investors and new buyers in terms of securing their investments, affordability and pre-qualification for new bonds.

Installing solar energy in Sectional Title Schemes

With load shedding back, many of us are looking to install solar power to keep our households ticking over. A lot of buzzwords are thrown about, like hybrid and off grid – most of us don’t know what these are, and what would best suit a particular need. Pearl Scheltema interviews Kyle Bohnsack, Managing Director of Blockpower, a solar photovoltaic (PV) installer, to find out why you will not only need to make sure that your electrical requirements are adequately covered, but also ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable organisation. One who can design and install the correct solution for your needs and then be around for any maintenance when required.

What owners must know about the sectional title claims process

Pearl Scheltema interviews Mike Addison, co-owner and founding director of Addsure, a registered financial services provider. The sectional title claims process is often misunderstood, leading to unnecessary conflict and unpleasantness. Pearl and Mike discuss the process to bring about a better understanding of this process in order to help manage the expectations of trustees and owners.

How your physical space plays a role in your mental health

Given the amount of time that individuals have spent at home over the last few months, it begs the question: Does our physical space also play a role in our mental health? Pearl Scheltema interviews Jacques van Embden from property development firm Blok on how the increase in working from home intersect with mental health. A UK publication recently explored the mental health issues associated with work from home, and found that a surprising majority of those surveyed indicated they would prefer returning to the office, citing mental health issues and disintegration of healthy boundaries. In short, they were no longer working from home, but living at work. Yet, work from home doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Pearl and Jacques discusses the rise of the home office, and the increasingly starring role it will play in our lives - and subsequently our mental health.

How technology is transforming the sectional title insurance industry

Pearl Scheltema interviews Ria Furriel, King Price’s community insurance partner. For a growing number of sectional title developments, estates and retirement villages, automated claims management systems are saving time, money and headaches by allowing all claims to be logged electronically, authorised instantly by the insurer, and jobs scheduled with an approved service provider for immediate repair – with no human interaction. Pearl and Ria discuss why insurance is a legal requirement under the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act, the type of insurance that’s required and how King Price has changed the way consumers process sectional title developments, estates and retirement villages claims.

The state of the residential rental market in South Africa

The state of the residential rental market in South Africa Johette Smuts Payprop

Pearl Scheltema interviews Johette Smuts, Head of Data and Analytics of PayProp Capital, an automated payment and reconciliation platform specific to the residential rental industry. They discuss the PayProp Rental Index, how the residential rental industry has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the main factors affecting rental growth in South Africa. To find out more about Fitzanne Estates, please visit

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