PA leader Gayton Mckenzie explains his rejection of DA, and embrace of ANC

In this first Afrikaans interview on Eusebius on TimesLIVE, McKenzie dodges bullets from Eusebius McKaiser who engaged him on his decision to form coalitions with the ANC in municipalities.McKenzie criticises both the DA and the ANC, but attempts to offer justification for why the ANC is preferable to work with despite its shoddy governance record.
McKenzie also explains his view that overlapping principles are irrelevant when forming coalitions, and that one should rather talk about the business of sharing membership of mayoral committees and other important portfolios and positions within councils.These powerful positions are necessary, he argues, to ensure tenders and job opportunities reach "[his] people”, referring in particular to coloured people, and working class and unemployed South Africans generally.He goes so far as to claim that he would even have been willing to negotiate with the erstwhile AWB, because leaders should rise above value differences when no-one received an outright majority.The discussion ended with a probe of the PA’s ultimate purpose.