Duduzane Zuma On The Lunchify

In an interaction with Khwezi Mthembu aka “Mr fear of being average” on Radio Langa, we got to delve into the mind and vision of Duduzane Zuma. A very sound and articulate man, who has clarity and firm intention, he let us know about his ideals as a potential president and expressed views on burning issues such as the condition of the country and where we could end up if we continue with the type of leadership we’re exposed to as citizens, and how most of the backlash is felt by the youth of South Africa ultimately. He shed light on how the desperation and lack of discernment in our leaders is herding us into murky waters, however, he believes that there’s nothing we can’t come back from if we took on an honest and open approach in all matters by holding each other accountable and devising inclusive strategies to move on.
16 Nov 2021 English South Africa Leisure

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