Ep 13 - Dismantling Digital Inequalities part 2

The Debut Online Podcast Part 2 takes place against the backdrop of Debut Online, an event that will present 180 Debut Programme participants taking their products to market and debuting their websites to existing and new market segments online. Following on from our first podcast, we continue the discourse of what it means to work with participants from rural and peri-urban in the Debut Programme, specifically how this engagement has highlighted the digital inequalities that exist in the sector.

BASA Head of Programmes Tumy Motsoatsoe is once again joined by Jane Mpholo (renowned Free State artist, Co-director at Vukallective and former Debut Programme Provincial Liaison/Ambassador); Rucera Seethal (Creative Director for the National Arts Festival), and Msimeki Nkatingi (newly appointed BASA Board Member and founder of Min Creative Co.)