South Africa ‘a pioneer in estate living'

‘Estates have been big in SA for quite a long time – since the early 1990s – whereas in places like the UAE and New Zealand and other parts of the world they’ve started to take off only in the last five years or so,’ says Andrew Amoils, wealth analyst at New World Wealth.
8 Nov 2021 English South Africa Business

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IFC in R4.5bn climate-smart housing rebate scheme with Absa

‘The IFC has never previously partnered with a bank on green finance beyond commercial properties. It's the first time we have the support for end-user finance, or simplistically for the customer opting to purchase an eco-friendly property’ – Kamini Ramsamy, head of credit at Absa Home Loans.
16 Jul 13 min

Sell your city: Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis

The Mother City's first citizen shares insights into property investment, other major developments in the metro, talks about infrastructure plans, service delivery, and the city as an investment destination.
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