Book Choice - 01 Nov 2021

Welcome to Book Choice on Fine Music Radio, sponsored by Exclusive Books. I’m your host, Paige Nick.
It’s election day, so I hope you’re out there making your mark. Hey if there are any politicians listening, how about we take VAT off the sale of all books? They are an important staple after all.
We have a special tribute show this month. Not just a tribute to books, which is pretty much what we do every month anyway. But this month we’re paying tribute to a very special book about a very special man who made some very fine music that changed this country.

October saw the launch of Scatterling of Africa, the new memoir by Johnny Clegg, published by Pan Macmillan.
So, stay tuned. We have a review of this book at the end of the show. And all the music in this month’s show are great Johnny Clegg tracks