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GE knows the Public Healthcare Sector is vital to the survival of millions of people. But what is vital to theirs? This is the urgent question underpinning GE Vital Voices - a series of podcasts that aims to give a voice and platform to the critical issues facing the Public Healthcare Sector and the people that are changing it, both on the frontlines and from the backlines.

GE Vital Voices aims to bring together a range of medical experts and voices to help unpack the critical issues facing the Public Healthcare Sector, while sharing insights and solutions to support this vital sector.
24 Sep 2021 English South Africa Health & Fitness · Personal Journals

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Caring for premature babies

How healthcare workers support their youngest patients. When a baby is born early, this can come with several complications and fears, for both parents and clinicians. To celebrate World Premature Day on 17 November, this episode looks at this important topic. Inci Candemir is a premature baby parent educator and…
17 Nov 2023 29 min

Women leading in healthcare

Women healthcare workers making their mark. While women professionals across the healthcare sector bring unique strengths and perspectives to the sector, they also face specific challenges. On this episode, we discuss this, and how to best support women in the industry. Belinda Ngongo is the founder of Pan African Women…
12 Sep 2023 23 min

Young voices in medicine

A new generation has entered the industry. Every generation of doctors brings something new to the industry but also faces unique challenges. In this episode, we look at the lives of young healthcare professionals, including their expectations and experiences as they enter the industry. We speak to Professor Flavia Sekubuge,…
2 Aug 2023 22 min

How Covid affects hearts

While the effects of Covid-19 on patients’ lungs are well publicised, the heart frequently suffers lasting impacts too. In this episode, we look at how the disease impacts the cardiovascular system, with a leading expert in the field. Prof Ntobeko Ntusi is a cardiologist and the Chair and Head of…
24 Apr 2023 27 min

Breast Health = Women’s Health

It takes a team to beat and treat Breast Cancer. Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women globally and so in this episode, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we take a look at the breast cancer diagnosis journey from mammograms to radiology to surgery from the…
13 Oct 2022 31 min