#024 Creative expression is as valuable as academic expression | Zethu Gqola

Inspired career beginnings, being a parent in music, & PR advice FTW!

Zethu Gqola (Music Industry Marketing Campaign Manager)

Zethu Gqola is a marketing campaign manager working in the music and events industries. She creates marketing strategies and campaigns for the music releases of some of the biggest artists in Africa.

She's also a mom that I met through the shesaid.so Parenthood Committee (a community of parents within shesaid.so, formed to support and hear the voices of parents of all genders, who are members or allies. The committee's objective is to provide a supportive and open platform to empower parents in the music industry).

In this episode - a career journey that kicks off with a solo 23 hour bus trip to CPT, is initially powered by a social media presence, and currently also involves juggling motherhood. Zethu unpacks the challenges (as well as some of the advantages) of being a parent in music, how the industry could better support moms, what to do with ideas you're not planning to use immediately, and some GREAT PR advice for any artists trying to reach an audience.

As she says in the interview, Zethu is always open to answering any career questions you may have. Non-creepy DM's welcome.

Outro music: Black, free & beautiful by Moonga k.
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