Ryan Sandes and Carla van Huyssteen – Trail Talk SA Episode 1

Trail Talk SA is a brand new podcast that focuses on the South African Trail running scene. In the first episode Brad Brown chatted to the man that has put South African trail running on the map internationally as well as a medical practitioner that is not half bad as a trail runner either.In episode 1 of Trail Talk SA Brad chatted to:Ryan Sandes who is about to leave South Africa to go and run the legendary 2013 Leadville 100 miler. We spoke about how he got into trail running, what he would be doing if he wasn’t a professional athlete, where his favourite trails are to run in Cape Town, how to get going in trail running as an out and out newbie and what races he still wants to run. You can check out Ryan’s website here, follow him on Twitter here or check him out on Facebook here.Carla van Huyssteen who is a physiotherapist turned professional athlete about what the most common trail running injuries are and how to avoid them.If you would like to subscribe to our weekly podcast on iTunes here or on RSS feed by clicking here. You can also be in touch via email or following us on Twitter or Like Run Talk SA on Facebook.