AJ Calitz and Racing the Planet Iceland with David Bellairs

We are truly blessed to have some world class trail runners here in South Africa. In the third episode of Trail Talk SA Brad managed to have a chat to one of the best. This week on Trail Talk SA:Brad caught up with AJ Calitz and spoke about his journey to trail running from triathlon and cycling, what races he has an eye on doing as well as what races should be on your bucket list. AJ also gave some phenomenal advice if you are just starting out in trail running or if you are looking at getting better. We also chat extensively about the Otter Trail and how iconic it is becoming as a trail run. You can find AJ on Twitter here and on Facebook here.Modern Athlete give us a sneak peek into their August editionWe head to Iceland for the next of the Racing the Planet series of races and catch up with David Bellairs, who Is running the race to raise funds for the Smile Foundation. You can follow Dave on Twitter here and if you want to donate to the Smile Foundation you can do it here.If you would like to subscribe to our weekly podcast on iTunes here or on RSS feed by clicking here. You can also be in touch via email or following us on Twitter or Like Run Talk SA on Facebook.