Otter Trail Run Champion Ricky Lightfoot & the Highveld Summer Trail Challenge

Last weekend saw a seriously impressive performance from Ricky Lightfoot to claim the 2013 Otter African Trail Run title. This week on episode 9 of Tail Talk SA:Brad managed to catch up with the 2013 Trail Running World Champion Ricky Lightfoot following his win at the Otter. Ricky spoke about how close he came to not actually running because a missed flight. The pair also spoke at length about Ricky’s thoughts on the Otter as well as South Africa as a whole. Brad also touched on Ricky’s World title that he won in Wales as well as what he hopes to achieve in the future and then finally Brad asked Ricky if he was going to return to defend his title in 2014 and if he thought he could go faster.Gavin Grobbelaar, the organiser of the Highveld Summer Trail Challenge joins us to chat about the upcoming race on 6 October. As discussed on the show if you would like to enter or find out more about the series you can visit the Multisport Basement on line here.If you would like to subscribe to our weekly podcast on iTunes here or on RSS feed by clicking here. You can also be in touch via email or following us on Twitter or Like Run Talk SA on Facebook.