Being a sex-positive parent, with Carly Rowena - S3E2

Talking to your kids about sex and ensuring it’s an ongoing, positive conversation is the one thing that almost all parents would prefer to avoid. But is it really as bad as we make it out to be? (Spoiler alert: it’s your discomfort that makes it a shameful topic for your child).
I spoke to the lovely Carly Rowena, a personal trainer, Youtuber and mother to the cutest little girl, Jax. Following Carly on Instagram, I have repeatedly sent her messages of praise for the way that she is raising her daughter – in a sex-positive, permission-filled way! She helps her daughter understand her body by using correct anatomical terms, promoting permission and not shame around gender and bodies, and allowing her daughter to grow up with a view that will without a doubt only benefit her when she is an adult. And Carly wasn’t raised by her own parents talking openly about sex. Carly also talks so honestly on her Youtube channel about sex, relationships and life… she is one influencer you actually will feel good from following!

Bravo Carly! Thanks for being a role model for womxn and other parents when it comes to the topic of sex!

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