#022 Knowledge Is Power | Lana Crowster

"I want to get this degree and come back and change people's lives" - Lana

Lana Crowster is a singer/songwriter, creative, and a musical entrepreneur. And an absolute delight.

In today's episode we chat about travelling internationally for music, singing backing vocals for your heroes, the story behind the Lady Day Big Band, music and arts as one of SA's most amazing exports, and leaving the world in a better place.

Also, you can help get Lana to New York University for a degree in the music business by heading to the back-a-buddy link at below.

"I really want to go do this thing and get this degree and come back and help change people's lives. And make sure that everybody can be successful in music, but also have longevity. And look after themselves and their families." - Lana Crowster

Outro Music: 'Fake' by Lana Crowster.
Music used with permission from rights holder.