Beyond Fake News

Moderator: Nelly Kalu (Media Trainer & Fact Checker, Nigeria)

The Covid 19 pandemic has seen fake news spread faster than the virus in some instances and the rise of disinformation is fuelled in an over enthusiastic on-line world. In this session we look at the trends, practices, and solutions to ensuring credible news reaches audiences in trying times
14 Jul 2021 English South Africa Education

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The Closing Panel

Moderator: James Cridland (Podnews, Australia) Contributors: Justin Keats (MediaHeads360 – Sales Director), Muhammad Cajee (Primedia - Chief Digital Officer), Simaloi Dajom (Media Strategist, Talent Trainer. Kenya Top 40 Under 40) Where does radio stand with artificial intelligence, automated voiceovers, programmatic sales and bookings, the booming audio-on-demand era, and smart devices?…
16 Jul 2021 1 hr 01 min

So, You Have a Voice for Radio (Master Class)

Contributor: Chilu Lemba (Voice Over Artist, Zambia) With the growing use and exposure of audio on several platforms including radio, podcasts, audiobooks, television, learning platforms and a host more, the need for professional voices is growing daily. What are the skills required to become a voice artist or actor? In…
15 Jul 2021 1 hour

Washa Redio (Swahili Exclusive Session)

Moderator: Jeridah Andayi (Radio Citizen – Station Manager) Contributors: Ali Mwalimu (Radio Rahma – Deputy Chief News Editor), Frank Odomari (Tanzania), Akhol Amazima (Ugandan Broadcast Corporation - Swahili News Editor) It is estimated that there are more than fifty million Swahili speakers in Africa. With radio being a mass-market medium,…
15 Jul 2021 1 hour

The RDA Fringe: Podmeet

Moderator: Elna Schütz (Freelance Journalist and Podmeet Founder) Contributor: Simmi Areff (Podcast Host – Lesser Known Somebodies) A fringe session dedicated to networking and connecting amongst the podcasting community. In this session we also speak to podcaster Simmi Areff who produces and presents, Lesser Known Somebodies
14 Jul 2021 59 min

Creating a Brand Story Using Audio – PT 2: Show & Tell

Contributor: Lynn Joffe (Creatrix - CEO) Armed with the knowledge to be an audio brand ambassador, this Master Class engages with real-life examples from the first session as participants share examples that they have created based on the learning in the first session.
14 Jul 2021 48 min