Ziwani Launch: Redeeming The Start-Up Landscape

Interview with Paul Kim
9 Jul 2021 English South Africa Business · Christianity

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Big Change In Our Minds

In Episode 4 of the Big Change series, Jonathan Wilson chats to Alison Klein, a seasoned professional in private equity and impact investing in emerging markets. They discuss the underlying assumptions that drive behaviours in investment and charity models in Africa, and explain why "Transforming Our Default Operating Systems" is…
18 Jul 1 hr 04 min

Big Change In Africa

Episode 3 recalls the incredible stories of Christians who greatly contributed to South Africa’s transition into a free democracy. In this thought-provoking new podcast series, host Jonathan Wilson and senior pastor Simon Lerefolo share how these largely forgotten, behind-the-scenes heroes made “The Downfall of Apartheid and the Healing of a…
5 Jul 1 hr 05 min

Big Change Begins With Rescue

In Episode 2 of the Big Change series: host Jonathan Wilson shares the radical transformation journey of the remote Yali tribe where he grew up. Joined by senior pastor Simon Lerefolo, they assert that the only way to true reconciliation among those constantly at war is through the “Good News…
24 Jun 58 min

What Does The World Need?

Ziwani’s podcast series “Big Change: How Ordinary Christians Change Their World” explores how Christians can drive significant change in society. In Episode 1, entitled “What Does The World Need?” host Jonathan Wilson and entrepreneur Paul Kim introduce the four dimensions of reconciliation as a framework for solving complex and systemic…
10 Jun 1 hr 05 min