The project smile

Mizz K Chats the celebrity dentist Dr Smile about his project smile .The Project Smile South Africa started just over 3 years ago to help people who can’t embrace their smile. Hes willing to assist those who find themselves victims of extreme circumstance and who truly need help.If you know any person who needs to construct their smile take a listen to this
17 Jun 2021 English South Africa Society & Culture

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Forever Wena Campaign - Living with HIV

Demystifying HIV and HIV Prevention with Nozibele Qamngana Mayaba, an HIV advocate, having lived with the virus for over 10 years. Contracting the virus at the tender age of 21, she has had to fight through stigmas. She has turned her story into one of power and positivity.
19 Apr 15 min

St. Peters Interview.

The principal of St. Peters, JP Erasmus and Finance Manager, Gugulethu Msimango joined Mizz K to talk about how important it is to "Lay[ing] the Foundation for the Brighter Future" in their school. They aim to produce all rounded, well-spoken, and self-confident learners through their school values known as RICE…
9 Jun 2022 4 min