Jamlab Meet- up: African Elections, African Voice, Roles for Journalism and Civic Tech Communities

This #JamlabMeetup conversation focuses on what the implications might be for the roles of the media and various civic tech actors who are typically involved with trying to strengthen citizen engagement, increase transparency, accountability and democratic governance.
Panelists share strategies that can be implemented to help journalists and civic activists to prepare and improve on ways of empowering communities, and the diversity of voices within the public space through digital media and other social innovations.

Events Speakers:
Kathy Magrobi, founder of Quote This Woman+ in South Africa
Ivan Louis Pinno, co-founder of Digital Woman Uganda
Dr Caroline Khene, senior lecturer at De Monfort University in the United Kingdom
Daniel Odongo, director of implementation at Ushahidi
17 Jun 2021 English South Africa Tech News · Technology

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