#014 Talking to our Patrons | Dr. Thuthula Balfour

Thuthula Balfour | Minerals Council South Africa

In this episode WiMSA chairperson, Petro du Pisani, speaks to Dr. Thuthula Balfour, Head of Health for the Minerals Council South Africa. Dr Balfour has headed and coordinated the South African mining industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020. She is also a WiMSA patron and she leads the Minerals Council’s Women in Mining Task Team.

Thuthula explains how she ended up working in the mining industry. We talk about the Minerals Council's white paper on women in mining, which has lead to a number of workstreams being executed by the women in mining task team.
These workstreams include:
- A gender & diversity reporting platform
- Reaffirming zero tolerance for gender-based violence
- Diversity and Inclusion Policies
- Unconscious bias training to transform culture

Thuthula explains what it means for her to be a WiMSA patron, and she talks about her vision for women in mining in the South African mining industry.