#028 How mentoring has mattered to the 2022 WiMSA mentees

Raksha Naidoo, WiMSA Deputy Chairperson and WIMSA Mentoring Committee member chats with five of the 2022 WiMSA Mentoring Programme mentees (Ndamulelo Mutshiny, Humbulani Havhi, Ntshuxeko Unity Makamu, Vilencia Parsaraman and Moyahabo Ntwagae) about their journey in the mentoring programme.

The conversation starts with an emphasis on being intentional and how this philosophy of the mentoring programme has changed the way the mentees show up not just in the mentoring programme, but in their career and their personal lives too.

The mentees discuss how the programme has awoken an interest in personal awareness, in asking themselves who they truly are and what they bring to their careers when they manage themselves as a business.

A key theme of the programme has been #showupandshine and each mentee talks about how different aspects of the mentoring programme have helped them to do exactly this through quietening their inner critic, managing their career value chain, understanding their thinking preferences and how that influences how they communicate and show up in the world.

Vilencia talks about the impact of adopting the philosophy of managing her career as a business.
Unity elaborates on how understanding her thinking preferences has helped her engage with more impact.
Humbulani shares that the focus on self-care, burnout and setting boundaries reminded her to see the signs of burnout, and helped her raise awareness with her colleagues on the signs.
Moyahabo emphasises how the programme helped her to be more introspective and to put herself and her self-care at the forefront.
Ndamo shares how the theme on inner critic helped her separate her inner critic from herself and harness the courage to step up and show up.

The podcast wraps up with an exploration on the value of mentoring and encouragement to apply for the 2023 WIMSA mentoring programme.
14 Nov 2022 English South Africa Non-Profit

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