#019 You don't have to suffer for your art | Jackie Queens

A parent in the music industry, Jackie Queens tackles some big questions

This week, in collaboration with shesaid.so parenthood, we’re kicking off a new monthly feature focusing on parents in the music industry.

The shesaid.so parenthood committee is a community of parents within shesaid.so, formed to support and hear the voices of parents of all genders who are members or allies. The committee’s objective is to provide a supportive and open platform to empower parents in the music industry.

In today’s episode I chatted to Jackie Queens, a house music vocalist, a label owner, and a cultural worker based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She's also a mom, and a shesaid.so parenthood ambassador.

We talk about the balancing act of being a parent in the music industry, why she started her own label, having a semi normal life alongside the music, the importance of defining what success looks like to you and making sure that we create environments that are inclusive, where anyone who wants to be in the music industry has a fair chance at having a career and also being happy within their career.

Outro music : 'Mwanangu' by Jackie Queens & Veneigrette.
Music used with permission from rights holder.