Ramaphosa's time in the hot seat, Ace's head on the chopping block & do politicians need to be educated?

SA has had a dramatic political week. In this episode of Sunday Times Politics Weekly, the Sunday Times politics team guides you through the ins and outs of SA's biggest political news stories of the week.

(01:14) The conversation begins with the Sunday Times politics team dissecting President Ramaphosa's responses before the State Capture Commission. The team considers if Ramaphosa did enough to prevent state corruption during his time as Deputy President and what his action tell us about him as a leader. 

(19:09) The team also discusses the controversial 'step-aside' issue brewing within the ANC. They consider what might become of ANC secretary general Ace Magashule, now that his grace period has lapsed. Will he step-aside peacefully or attempt to test the issue further?  

(22:34) Finally, spurred on by recent allegations of misrepresentation within the DA, the team asks how important it is for political leaders to receive a higher education or form of training.