5/7 - Deliberately Designing Your Recruitment Process

Less experienced entrepreneurs who haven’t had the privilege of being burned by previous mistakes tend to make very common recruitment errors, says Raizcorp CEO Allon Raiz in this episode of our #AvoidingHiringMistakes podcast series. By deliberately designing a recruitment process, you are less likely to make some of these mistakes and more likely to be successful in hiring suitable staff while also reducing the likelihood of your new recruit leaving too soon. Allon talks us through how to think through the design of your recruitment process.
21 Apr 2021 English Explicit South Africa Business · Management

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7/7 - Training As A Tool To Scale

Now that you have your employee, how do you get them up to speed and effective as quickly as possible? During this seventh and final episode of our #AvoidingHiringMistakes podcast series, Allon shares how he and the team at Raizcorp deploy 90 days of intensive training to do exactly this…
19 May 2021 31 min

6/7 - Metrics Of Employment

Hiring does not have to be such a guessing game. As an entrepreneur, you can put metrics into place to help you make better decisions. In this #AvoidingHiringMistakes podcast episode, Allon Raiz talks through hiring and management metrics you can easily implement in your business to get better results from…
5 May 2021 23 min

4/7 - The Art & Science of Remuneration

In this episode of our Raizor’s Edge podcast series #AvoidingHiringMistakes, Allon Raiz discusses all the factors that resource-starved small businesses need to take into account when considering appropriate remuneration for their staff.
7 Apr 2021 17 min

3/7 - The Under-Appreciated Power of Role Descriptions

In this #AvoidingHiringMistakes podcast series, Raizcorp CEO Allon Raiz discusses the evolution of his relationship with the formal job description and why it is such an important tool for the scaling entrepreneur. To illustrate, he takes listeners through the process that Raizcorp uses when creating a new job description or…
24 Mar 2021 18 min

2/7 - Avoid Knee-Jerk Hiring

As entrepreneurs, we shouldn’t allow our egos to dictate the number of people we employ. Hiring for the sake of hiring or because we have a problem right now can come with costs relating to profit, efficiency and unnecessary complexity – costs that most businesses simply can’t afford. In this…
9 Mar 2021 26 min