Book Choice - 05 Apr 2021

April always makes me happy. It’s my birthday month, and if I’m lucky and my friends and family know what’s good for them, then it’s a month filled with books as gifts. If there is a better gift than a book, I haven’t discovered it yet. I’m Paige Nick and welcome to Book Choice on your favourite station, Fine Music Radio. We’re going to spend the next blissful hour talking about books and listening to music.

We’ve got a bumper show filled with interviews and reviews, and as always, lots of views.
In our guest review spot this month, we welcome Jabulani Sigege, who will be reviewing Bruce Fordyce’s latest book, Winged Messenger, as well as ten year old Yusuf Asvat, and his latest favourite read by Bear Grylls. And let’s not forget the rest of our regular wonderful reviewers. So let’s get reading.