J Sbu opens up about the real reason he is terrified of the ocean in tribute to his late brother

A month ago Stacey and J Sbu did a content piece on things you wish you could take back that were said in an argument with a loved one.

J Sbu's regret was and still is an altercation that he had with his now late younger brother, Siphamandla.

Siphamandla passed away on the first of January 2011, the very same day that J Sbu shared with Stacey and the rest of KZN that he had, had a fight with him.

In the Nxumalo family, the first of January symbolized new beginnings, as a tradition- the family would always go to the beach for some quality family time and cleansing of their spirits.

In 2011 the day had began with a rift between the two Nxumalo boys, who not only exchanged harsh words in a heated argument but that escalated to something physical.

J Sbu admits that he is still deeply scarred from that incident because that last interaction would be their last conversation ever. Siphamandla would later pass away on that day after drowning in the ocean.