Challenging masculine norms, with Haydn Elliot - S2E10

In this week’s episode, I chatted to my friend Haydn Elliott, who also happens to be a brilliant businessman and podcaster based in London. Haydn co-owns and runs hugely popular F45 gyms in London and hosts the podcast The Inspiration Space. He has an unwavering passion for how to optimise health, fitness and mindset.

In this discussion, we delve into the toll that depression and burnout can have on mental and sexual health. Haydn shares intimately about how his experiences impacted his self-worth, his sexual response and his relationships. As someone who sees himself as a 'boys-boy', these experience could have been even more challenging had he not shifted his thinking to a growth mindset.

You can listen to Haydn’s podcast on all major platforms, find him at their F45 gyms in London, or reach out on social media to @haydn.elliott
1 Apr 2021 English South Africa Sexuality · Relationships

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