What really happens in couples therapy, with Stephen Laverack - S2E7

I’m never surprised when consulting with a new couple that one partner is usually keen to be in couples therapy, and the other partner feels like they are being dragged there against their will. I’m also not surprised that people think couple’s therapists are there to ‘fix their partner’… which could not be further from the truth.

Stephen Laverack is Counselling Psychologist seeing individual and couples in private practice in Johannesburg. His background in HIV and sexual health education drives his interest in psychosexual therapy, whereby he aims to create a comfortable and open space for clients to open up about their sexual concerns.

Stephen helps me to dispel myths about couples therapy, shares with us what he frequently sees in his own practice, and advises couples on how to get the most out of the therapy space.

You can connect with Stephen via email on stephenlaverack@gmail.com