What you should really know about sexual desire, with Dr Christopher Fox - S2E6

When it comes to wanting sex, we all want to want it… that’s what we’ve been told we should do. But that view of sexual desire is far from most people’s reality, and actually leads to people feeling that there is something wrong with them if they don’t want sex as much as their partner does.

On this week’s episode, I chat to Dr Christopher Fox, a psychosexual and relationship therapist practicing in Melbourne, Australia. He’s also the clinical director of the Masters program in Sexual Health at the University of Sydney, where I actually studied and met him. He’s also a European certified Psychosexologist as I am, and he’s someone with a wealth of experience helping clients manage sexual and relationship difficulties.

In this episode, we talk about how “low desire” is not something bad and how we need to rework our notion of desire within relationships in order to have more satisfying sex lives.

You can connect with Chris via his website www.sexlifetherapy.com.au or on Instagram @sexlifetherapy