What parents should know about sex ed, with Casey Blake - S2E5

We generally find it difficult to talk about sex with our partners. And when it comes to properly educating our kids about sex… It’s even more difficult! Most parents really aren’t prepared to have THE talk, and this can leave it up to others, such as schools, where we take a more "better left unsaid" approach to exploring the topic with them afterwards. This is actually detrimental to your child's sexual development!

This week I chatted to registered counsellor Casey Blake, who has a special interest in sexuality, gender, parenting, relationships, and trauma. Much of her career has focused on the emotional and psychological implications for people in a society where open and honest conversations about sex are frowned upon. She runs workshops for parents and caregivers that help feel more competent and confident to have age appropriate conversations with their children. So much of what Casey shares in this episode are concepts and lessons we all need - whether you have kids or already or you're planning to have kids someday.

You can find out more about Casey and her work by visiting her website: www.whatnowcounselling.co.za or on Instagram @toolsforhavingthetalks