#AmaHappenings: Trending Zim is a podcast that updates you about all Zimbabwean events, trending conversations and amazing people in a saucy, spicy and fun manner.
Hangerz Inc is aimed at bringing the conversation to the table that is usually deemed difficult to have in public or in person. We do this ina humourous way as we try and figure out what really entails having fun and the dynamics of being outgoing in nature in a conservative country.
The rise in community leaders who are solving their problems in an innovative way provides both a lesson and inspiration to audiences all over the world. We gather these amazing stories and share them with you in the hope that you will not only be inspired but you will also join the league of extraordinary people whose ultimate joy is Social Good, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Well I always say the pen gives me liberation and writing frees me. But I am also the random girl who loves to talk. So join me every Friday as we talk about all things life no holding back. Impilo Nje!!!!
From blogs, podcasts to videos, our media brands produce and publish content covering intriguing topics on business, lifestyle, creative arts, faith and pop culture, reaching and influencing audiences passionate about these topics across websites, mobile apps, social media, magazines,and events.
The Youth are a critical demographic bulge, whose voice needs to be heard.The Memeza Network is a youth curated platform for Millennial discourse, it is poised as a hub for creative to create and publish content online. "We speak our truth, We shout it out loud " It is supported by Youth-led Innovative Engagement with Leadership and Development (YIELD Trust). For more information visit our website http://www.yield.co.zw
Perfect Marriages don't exist but perfectly good ones do. With some commitment & the right amount of effort, as we interact we will hopefully lead each other to the right path of obtaining perfectly good marriages. #KeepOnLoving #Married4Life
Pineapple seeks to have thought provoking & value adding conversations and contribute to the growth and development of the Zimbabwean entertainment industry
Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa is a broadcast journalist. This channel shares some of her work as a talk show host from Zimbabwe, covering the continent.
This is what you get when you put two guys with to much time on their hands in a room with a microphone. Amongst bashing men who can grow healthy beards we also talk about the severals things we would do differently if we were made Ministers.

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