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Angler News South Africa Podcast

Reel in the latest fishing updates, tips, and tricks with the king of KZN fishing, Vinesh Soogreem, on the Angler News South Africa (ANSA) podcast!

ANSA is Africa's only fishing podcast that focuses on the latest fishing reports, whether they're hot or not. ANSA delivers true and accurate content from the country's most prominent anglers every week on various facets of angling.

• The KZN Fishing Report (Thursdays, 3 PM)
The fishing report kicks off down the Lower South Coast with Adam Lyon, who covers everything fishing-related from Port Edward to Port Shepstone. The news then flows down to the Kingsburg/Illovo stretch, where Gary van Sluys gathers content from the rocks every morning.

For the Durban report, we have two correspondents: Mike Vlcek, a seasoned competitive angler, and Brad Grobbler, known as the East Coast's Davie Jones for the time he spends on the water keeping anglers up-to-date on the week's activities.
North Coast reports from Tongaat to Richards Bay are covered by Jesse Schubach, who not only delivers reports but also provides detailed advice on various aspects of angling. The fishing report rounds off in the Midlands with Jan Korrûbel reporting on all facets of freshwater angling..

This weekly report ends with Vinesh and his reporters sharing their predictions for the upcoming weekend.

• Expert Angling Interviews (Mondays, 6 AM): Dive deep into the world of fishing with Vinesh's in-depth interviews. Each week, he chats with leading anglers and industry experts, tackling topics that are on every angler's mind. Learn how to read tides and weather, master specific techniques, and even explore the path to becoming a protea angler.

With over two decades of experience, Vinesh's authority on KZN fishing is unmatched. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, the ANSA podcast has something for everyone.
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South Coast madness! - KZN Report (20 June '24)

The brilliant run continues with a magnificent fishing week experienced by anglers along KwaZulu-Natal's coastline despite the now elusive sardines. In this week’s KZN Report, we cover the abundance of Garrick, Shad, and Snoek as anglers reap the rewards while the sharks go deeper following the sardines. Offshore: The offshore…
20 Jun 17 min

Catch more fish! Understanding tides and moon phases (EXPERT SERIES)

In this episode of the Angler News Expert Series, fishing expert Dave Irvine discusses how moon phases and tides impact fishing. Vinesh and Dave delve into various questions about the best tides for fishing, differentiating between rip currents and rip tides, and the effects of full moons, spring tides, and…
17 Jun 20 min

Sardine action 2024 - KZN REPORT (13 June 24)

The 2024 sardine run season along the East Coast has started with a bang. It's the fifth day since the run began, and fishermen are catching an abundance of sardines and other species as part of this phenomenon. Offshore: The offshore has been up and down. The seas have been…
13 Jun 19 min

Daily Sardine Recap - 10 June '24

What an epic start to the week with Sardines being brought to the shore by all four netters. In today's recap, we talk about the grounds covered and all species caught from Umgababa to St. Michaels.
10 Jun 3 min

Sardine Run 2024: Breaking News and First Catch Highlights (9 June '24)

On June 9, 2024, the annual Sardine Run kicked off with a bang with first sardine sightings and catches along the KZN South Coast, specifically in Margate and Hibberdene. Reports from coastal spotters led to successful hauls, with Jace Govender bringing in 500 crates of sardines. The podcast will address…
9 Jun 5 min

Latest on Sardines PLUS New SA Record - KZN REPORT (6 June 24)

In this week's KZN Report, we've got all the very latest news on angling conditions following the severe storm in parts of the province on Monday, plus news on a new South African record AND the latest on the Sardine Run. KZN had delivered a new unofficial SA record for…
6 Jun 25 min

Sardine Run Forecast (EXPERT SERIES)

“Activity does not mean there are sardines.” - Jace Govender In this week's Expert Series episode, Vinesh welcomes back sardine expert Jace Govender to discuss the anticipated 2024 sardine run. They talk about everything from fake news and the reliability of information relating to the sardine run to factors affecting…
3 Jun 13 min

On the Hook in KZN - KZN REPORT (30 May '24)

Vinesh Soogreem brings you the latest fishing action from KZN. From Grey Sharks, Shad, and Garrick, to epic bottom fishing, find out what's been biting across Durban, North Coast, South Coast, and more! For freshwater enthusiasts, bass are back on the bite, and trout fishing is alive again. Plus, a…
30 May 22 min

Insider's guide to booking Charter Boats in South Africa

Are you considering booking a charter boat in South Africa but feeling overwhelmed by the many options available? We’ve got an in-depth interview with seasoned charter boat skipper, Brad Grobler, to help give you a better understanding of the world of charter boats. In this episode, we talk about the…
27 May 17 min

Spring Tides, Full Moon & Hot Fishing Zones - KZN REPORT (23 May '24)

This week's Angler News KZN Fishing Report covers the latest fishing activity from the KZN coastline, we get into what we can expect from the spring tides, the full moon, gravitational pulls, and the warm water delaying the Sardine Run. Despite a slight decrease from last week’s catches, there have…
23 May 21 min

Durban Pier Pressure: A discussion about pier access

Curious about the struggles and dreams of KZN's subsistence anglers? In this episode, Vinesh Soogreem chats to John Peter Narayanasamy, chairperson of the KZN Subsistence Fishing Forum, about the challenges and hopes of subsistence anglers in KZN. They talk about the recent peaceful march by anglers advocating for more fishing…
20 May 23 min

Catch of the Year Alert! - KZN REPORT (16 May '24)

Don't miss this week's KZN Fishing Report to hear about Mr. Mike V’s jaw-dropping 179.8kg Zambezi catch off the North Coast. It’s a story that’s reeling in all the fishing enthusiasts! This week, the fishing has been hotter than the weather. Offshore: The tuna has been in short supply but…
16 May 33 min

Landing 300 kilo monsters: Jace Govender's Guide (EXPERT SERIES)

This episode features a detailed interview with seasoned angler Jace Govender, known for his exceptional rock and surf fishing skills, especially in capturing giant fish over 300 kilos. Jace shares his journey from catching small fish at an early age to mastering the art of angling giant sharks, emphasising the…
12 May 20 min

The Indigo Patch: KZN’s Seasonal CHANGE - KZN REPORT (9 May '24)

As autumn wanes into winter, KZN's waters are alive with a spectacular mix of edible and non-edible species, creating a fishing environment that's pulsating with potential. This time of year is not just any flourishing fishing period; it's a phenomenon, getting progressively better with each passing week. The seas are…
9 May 36 min

From Weekend Anglers to Protea Anglers (EXPERT SERIES)

What does it take to become a Protea Angler? This episode features an interview with South Africa's Protea anglers, Saffiya and Hajra Ahmod, discussing their journey from early family fishing outings to representing their country on the international stage. They delve into the challenges of funding, the male-dominated nature of…
6 May 22 min

The Big Catch Week - KZN REPORT (2 MAY '24)

It has been another bumper week of fishing in KZN. Anglers have experienced a variety of fish species, offering a mere taste of what's to come as we approach the end of summer. Edible bait is becoming more prevalent, while sharks are finally giving offshore anglers a fighting chance. As…
2 May 29 min

Mastering the wind: Fishing secrets revealed (EXPERT SERIES)

This episode delves into the significance of winds in fishing, emphasizing how winds influence water conditions and affect the behavior of various fish species. The discussion covers the role of different wind directions, such as northeast and southwest, in determining water clarity, temperature, and the presence of nutrients. This episode…
29 Apr 23 min
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