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Working Title FC

It's the phoenix podcast risen from the ashes, they're taking it so seriously it doesn't even have a name.

They're the podcasters formerly known as Ryan, Senzo, and Paulo and they're back to review every team in the premier league for the upcoming season.

Take a listen ,swear at their outlooks, and help them come up with a show name.

It's just what the world needs...another sports podcast full of badly informed
Weekly English South Africa Sports
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iJob yiJob

Working Title take Saudi money, the most Neymar scenario ever, slow your Bafana roll and Shakira smiled at Paulo - Senzo, Ryan and Paulo are bringing the heat...not like we need more.
24 Nov 1 hr 12 min

Kevin Drake Bruyne, Chelsea and Kelce.

An international break gives us time to discuss Taylor Swift - because everyone else is. Everton are more pointless than this show, Uruguay are glorious bastards and we still haven't found Pogba's hyena.
19 Nov 1 hr 14 min

Find the hyena - hide the rhino

WTFC went to EFC and Paulo and Senzo got knocked out by a Rhino. Chelsea are high, United are in the dumps. Liverpool don't like Toulouse and City should just be given everything. Would you accept a mercenary squad from Roman Abramovich? Or would you prefer a shirt from Griezemann?
10 Nov 1 hr 09 min

Check the Circumference

ishowspeed being so close to football makes Paulo angry, but not as angry as NOT seeing Kim Kardashian's NBA underwear. Ryan puts his evil on United and is impressed by a scorpion kick while Senzo supports Cartel football.
3 Nov 1 hr 07 min

Bok To Bok

It's a wrap - Nick, Senzo and Paulo break down what's left to be broken down, moments of the final, best players, break through stars and what's next for the Bok to Bok dynasty. Paulo spoke Bok B'Nis and here are his references: https://www.sportspromedia.com/broadcast-ott/media-rights/rugby-world-cup-2023-commercial-preview-teams-sponsors-tv-deals/?zephr_sso_ott=Zud3QK https://www.planetrugby.com/all-blacks-mega-money-deal-with-us-firm-silver-lake-approved
3 Nov 43 min

Chicken Price and a Swift exit.

Its derby weekend as WTFC cover the Manchester Derby, El Classico, the Ajax decline and Bobby Charlton's brush with Mainstay.
27 Oct 1 hr 09 min

The Last France

Only one topic today, one of the most epic finals in the history of all sports. Two teams setting up for a last dance and a crack at sporting immortality - plus Fox Nche and a combined All Bok XV.
27 Oct 37 min

Can you do a Stitch voice and don't be Jada

Back from the qualifiers but club football won't start until after the derby no one really cares about. Why isn't "Beckham'' on Apple TV, Who is more broken - Neymar or Parker - and a SWAG update no one wants.
20 Oct 1 hr 18 min

A very sweet episode and an EFC drunk.

In an episode NOT brought to you by Mentos, the WTFC crew get trolled by Ryan, disappointed by Will Smith and look forward to an Eric Cantona Mixtap.
13 Oct 1 hr 22 min


The title is enough, get out. Nick and Senzo are cocky again and no one is better at being Lukhanyo Am than Lukhanyo Am. Vaaabz FC…
6 Oct 35 min

Lou Ferrigno and what even is a Jadon.

Your favourite podcast is now an award-winning podcast - so get your ears ready for the best sports podcast on the continent!! Once Senzo finished his acceptance speech, he started to veer very close to Kanye territory while him and Paulo discussed what would happen if Ollie McBurnie signed for…
28 Sep 1 hr 06 min

Working Title Presents WTrFU - Talking Bull-Split.

In a week where you can't say Springbok without talking splits, Senzo Sithebe and Nick Archibald discuss the hottest topic in World Rugby - the emergence of Portugal as a rugby Super Power (No Paulo, no one believes that, not even you). The weekend fixtures are discussed and the boys…
21 Sep 35 min

The Harry Maguire of HR

Ryan thankfully did not join the 27 club and we are finally allowed to enjoy birthdays. Naturally Neymar heard the word 'birthday' and features prominently in the pod. Senzo asks what his legacy in football will be and Paulo examines the leadership vacuum at Old Trafford. We ask Ryan what…
14 Sep 1 hr 15 min


The guys who bring you a work in progress take on football are now climbing into rugby. It's Working Title rFU and the happenings in France are under our spotlight. Senzo Sithebe and Nick Archibald unpack the first few days while Paulo listens on for a bluffers guide that mainly…
13 Sep 1 hr 04 min

She's a Kepa

2 games in and we've already lost hope in our teams. Ryan still believes in Mudryk and is calling Jackson the new Drogba. You can't make it up. We also decide that there's no way we'd watch the Saudi League, even if it was on Channel 276 on SuperSport.
26 Aug 1 hr 09 min

15 minutes to football.

Literally and figuratively. The new EPL season is days away but before we get into an hour of EPL previews, we check in on Jake Paul, the Springbok squad and the NFL Experience in Cape Town. Then it's full steam ahead as ALL 20 Premier League teams are assessed ahead…
10 Aug 1 hr 30 min

Messi, a Mbupdate and a £70 million Sick Note.

!!!!!VOTE FOR US IN THE APVA AWARDS IN THE BEST SPORTS PODCAST CATEGORY!!!! https://awards.apva.africa/vote-now/ Scroll down to sports and pick Working Title FC. Of course Messi scored on his debut at the GOAT Farm. We have the latest Kylian Mbupdate, take time to appreciate Mahrez and find out what Ryan…
23 Jul 1 hr 04 min

No Name, All Noms.

We're gonna need a bigger studio - the Working Title heads can't fit in the building. Hot off an award nomination the WTFC boys bring you their thoughts on Harry Kane's next (non) move, Inter trying to low ball Chelsea, the latest Saudi transfers and our theory that it's all…
15 Jul 1 hr 15 min
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