Namibia Future Media Fresh Lunch with Delila Katanga13h00-16h00

Fresh Lunch with Delila Katanga13h00-16h00

Delila an Honours graduate in communication from NUST is also an Emcee and Social Media guru. She is the author of two novellas', Uncalled and Unbridled, aimed at raising awareness on women empowerment and toxic masculinity, while pushing Namibian presence in the literary world. In addition to this, she is passionate about informing and educating people on how to have a holistic lifestyle, allowing them to cultivate a positive work-life balance. She will be hosting our all-new lunch show focusing on financial, emotional and physical wellbeing
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Winner Announcement: 2023 Sanlam Bridge Program

Marketing and Communications Manager for Sanlam Laurencia Prinzonsky alongside 2023 Sanlam Bridge Program Winner Risto Owner and Founder of Namibian Culture Colouring Book, join Delila on the Fresh Lunch to discuss the Sanlam Bridge Program
30 Jan 17 min

Census Phase 3 Ready for Commencement

Ms. Anastasia – Senior Data Quality Specialist sheds light on Phase three of Census. The Reconciliation operation will be conducted from 01 – 14 February 2024. It will be conducted countrywide, but only in the constituencies and households that were contacted in the Census and the selected/sampled enumeration areas for…
29 Jan 7 min

Lisa Matomola Answers Frequently Asked Job Finder Questions

Frequently asked Job Finder questions answered by Lisa Matomola. Lisa Matomola is an HR Consultant, the author of People First - which is a training guide on how to manage people in the work place and various leadership lessons, a Job Finder Coach, Executive and Management Coach and IPM Namibia…
15 Jan 6 min

Lisa Matomola - How it Began

Lisa Matomola is an HR Consultant, the author of People First - which is a training guide on how to manage people in the work place and various leadership lessons, a Job Finder Coach, Executive and Management Coach and IPM Namibia HR Excellence Award 2023 Winner. This is how she…
15 Jan 3 min

Kiddies Perspective on #Festive Season

In Kiddies Perspective, kids share advice to a question posed by an adult. In this episode, the Alberto's share their excitement of the festive season.
3 Dec 2023 6 min

Liberty Life Namibia Celebrates 20 Years

Liberty Life Namibia is celebrating 20 years of service delivery. Delila speaks to Managing Director at Liberty Life Namibia - Monique Cloete on their services and how they are celebrating 20 years. .
8 Nov 2023 11 min

An Inspirational chat with Dr. Helena Ndume

Be inspired by Dr. Helena Ndume, Namibia's first black, female Ophthalmologist, notable for her charitable work among sufferers of eye-related illnesses in Namibia. To date, Dr. Ndume has ensured that some 30,000 blind Namibians have received eye surgery and are fitted with intra-ocular lens implants free of charge. She holds…
17 Oct 2023 17 min

Tala Angula - Influencer or Influential

Ndatala Angula (26), Communications Officer, Founder of Thriftalot and Model, discusses whether he would rather be an influencer/influential; Reveals his relationship status and sends love to his tribe.
3 Oct 2023 3 min

Minute to Win it: Absalom K Powered by Avo Supershop

How the game goes: You have one minute to answer as many questions as you can. The person with the highest points by Friday wins 500nad voucher redeemable on the Avo App. Download the app today on Playstore/Appstore
2 Oct 2023 4 min

Delila Reviews Vol.2 of The Yesterdaye Experience

Vol.2 of The Yesterdaye Experience took place at Sweet Side on Saturday, 30 September. In Partnership with Secret sunrise, the event saw an intimate crowd of people gather to dance and enjoy live new music through which the The Yesterdaye premiered some original songs.
2 Oct 2023 4 min

Review: I Got My Room Painted by David

David Nalusha, Founder of Danal Investments CC gave my room a fresh new paint coat and I love it! Call him on 0810419754 and find out what other cool stuff they can do for you. Their work includes welding, building, plumbing services and more.
27 Sep 2023 2 min

Who is Ndatala Angula AKA Kvng Tala

Ndatala Angula (26) is a Communications Officer at Nedbank Namibia, Founder and Owner of Thriftalot online shop and Runway/Photography Model. Here is some insight on his childhood and more…
25 Sep 2023 6 min

Dr Schiceya - Future Females Speaker

The Future Females Business Expo is ready to kick off on the 30th of September. at Wanderers Sports Grounds in Pioneers Park. Catch a glimpse of what Dr. Suraia Shiceya. will be speaking on under the title: Strategies to Take care of your Health and Habits.
22 Sep 2023 10 min

Pupkewitz Megauild Graduate Programme - Tunomwene Hermann

Tunomwene Hermann speaks on her experience as a 2023 Pupkewitz Graduate Program Intern. Apply now for our 2024 Pupkewitz Megabuild Graduate Programme. Applications are open from 15-29 September 2023. To apply or require additional information, please visit website for more details.
19 Sep 2023 7 min

Axarob and Vynils Comedy Hour

Namibia's growing comedian Axarob, shares more about his upbringing and where his comedy career started as Vynils Comedy Hour celebrates 2 years.
6 Sep 2023 12 min

Crazy Driver's - Horror Stories

We all like getting a destination fast, but have you ever verbally spoken up about feeling unsafe in a speeding driver's car?
6 Sep 2023 5 min

Run with a Purpose - Walk/Run De NUST

Chairperson of the NUST ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, Shoki Kandjimi shares how you can give back to the now generation by taking part in the Walk Run De NUST.
15 Aug 2023 2 min

Risto Obliterated the ABC Game!

The ABC Game is simple. You have 50 seconds, 7 categories and 1 letter. Use the letter to identify one item that fits in each category! Are you a sharp thinker? test your speed by playing. WhatsApp #ABCGame to 0830001029
7 Aug 2023 3 min
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