Bible Perspective

Bible Perspective brings your bible answer to day-to-day issues. The show
also looks at how people in the bible dealt with issues we deal with today.
Presented by Zanele Zama, the show also looks at what the bible says on
issues and tries to find answers where there are blurred lines.
Monthly English South Africa Christianity · Religion & Spirituality
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Bible Perspective on The Status of the Protestant Reformation

It is now over 500 years since the protestant reformation of the 16th century. The question then that stands is, what does the reformation look like today? If the reformers are to visit out 'protestant churches' will they feel that their legacy is being handled well? Above all else, what…
3 Nov 39 min

Discussion: Bible Perspective on Why Choose the Christian God

All major world religions have at their core the same principles, namely, that there are gods, goddesses, or higher states of existence requiring action on the part of adherents to ensure they will arrive at a designated end. How then does one select which God to worship? Today Ev. Lungu…
3 Nov 46 min

Bible Perspective on Sin

The book of Romans 6 vs 23 says 23  For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
27 Oct 51 min

Bible Perspective on The Nature of Christ

It is deemed too divisive and often evokes a tumult between good standing members at the topic’s mere mention. We have generally concluded that as a church we should not discuss this delicate matter. But according to Scripture, it is seriously flawed to adapt a mute position on the nature…
25 Aug 42 min

Bible Perspective on When God is silent

As we go through life, sometimes God is silent on the issues we pray for or we think we He is. We are joined on the line by Ps Themba Maseko to unpack this.
23 Aug 44 min

Bible Perspective on The Seal of God

The seal of God is God’s mark of identification or ownership. As the Bible mentions, it speaks to your eternal safety and certifies that your relationship with God is real. Awaiting glorification. This seal, which is not visible on your forehead, at least physically, carries with it great authority. We…
23 Aug 34 min

Bible Perspective on Character and Eternity

Today we take a look, a Bible Perspective, if you will, on the relationship that is there between character and our gaining of heaven, and more importantly, how to build it. Guiding us in this lesson is Pr L. Mhlongo.
3 Aug 46 min

Unpacking what tithe is

Zanele Zama speaks to the SID stewardship director Pastor Mundia Liywalii about what tithe is and whether it is from gross or net.
24 Mar 58 min
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