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Feature: Daily Focus | The Sabbath – Common Sabbath Practices

Seventh-day Adventists commonly engage in a set of practices as part of their observance of the Sabbath, which occurs from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. These practices are influenced by Adventist theology, biblical teachings, and traditions within the faith. Let’s explore these practices.
22 Feb 16 min

Feature: Daily Focus | The Sabbath – True Sabbath Observance

Seventh-day Adventists believe in a distinctive understanding of Sabbath observance based on their interpretation of biblical teachings and the writings of Ellen G. White, a prominent early Adventist leader. Today, we explore true Sabbath observance.
21 Feb 20 min

Christianity 101 | Meditate on His Word – The Complexities of the Bible

The perceived difficulty in understanding the Bible is a common sentiment expressed by many readers, and it often arises from various factors. These questions aim to delve into the intricacies of Bible reading, considering the challenges posed by context, literalism, and the various complexities inherent in interpreting the Bible.
20 Feb 17 min

Christianity 101 | Meditate on His Word – Read Daily

The Bible is a source of spiritual guidance, offering principles and teachings that individuals can apply to their lives. Regular reading provides direction for ethical decision-making and moral conduct. Today, we want to know the importance of spending time in God’s word.
19 Feb 18 min

Feature: Daily Focus | The Sabbath – The Sabbath and Judaism

The Sabbath is indeed a significant concept in Judaism. In Jewish tradition, the Sabbath, known as 'Shabbat' in Hebrew, is a weekly day of rest and spiritual enrichment. It is observed from Friday evening at sunset to Saturday evening at sunset. How does that connect to us as Adventists who…
19 Feb 19 min

Are salary deductions from employers ever legal?

A lot of employees do not really know, or understand their rights in the workplace, and their rights with regards to their contracts. With employers taking advantage of workers by withholding of their salaries as a form of punishment for work not done according to their satisfaction, we find out…
18 Feb 28 min

Why do you believe what you believe?

Actions are promulgated by how we think. How we think is influenced by our value system. Our value system is derived from our socialization, which is influenced by beliefs. We speak the essence of faith in finding reasons for your worldview.
18 Feb 38 min

Worship time with Infinite Praise

The Singing group, Infinite Praise comprises young people who have a passion for the gospel. We get familiar with their work.
17 Feb 30 min

Pastor Profile | Know Your Local Pastor

In this segment we take a moment to celebrate the men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving in Gods vineyard. We consider their history before and after the ministerial calling, as well as reflect on how the service has been for them. Today the spotlight is on…
16 Feb 36 min

Feature: Daily Focus | Baptism –Types of Baptism – Infant vs. Believer

Some proponents argue that certain covenantal promises in the Bible use inclusive language, suggesting that children are included. For instance, God's promise in Jeremiah 31:31-34 talks about putting the law within people, and all shall know the Lord, which they interpret as inclusive of children. However, it's important to acknowledge…
15 Feb 19 min

Christianity 101 | God Has a Plan – Discerning God’s Voice

Discernment is a process that requires patience. Waiting for a clear sense of direction and being attentive to subtle signs can be important. Rushing decisions without sufficient discernment may lead to misinterpretation. Let’s learn how we can listen.
14 Feb 15 min
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